Add Ons

Here are some products that can be added on to sets or worn separately!!

These are for those who like simple pieces to add on to their look, or for the creative ones who love to mix and match pieces :)

A mixture of pieces explained:

Tikka - A piece of Jewellery that is worn on the head which sits on the forehead.

Jhoomar - A piece of Jewellery that is worn on the side of you head! Very classy when worn with Hollywood waves.

Noserings - These can be added on to any set!

Sheeshphool - This piece is worn on top of a tikka or just on its sits in the forefront of your head. (please message us and we can help with some pictures)

Mathapatti - Piece that consists of 2 parts; a Tikka, with 2 side pieces that drape along side the face connecting into your hair. 

Rings - All our rings are adjustable 

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